Fort Russ strives to support and promote both popular and up-and-coming reporters, writers and analysts, primarily living in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. These are individuals who would never otherwise reach Western audiences and as a rule are banned by the Western mainstream media. 

We can help expose your quality journalism to tens of thousands of our daily readers in the Anglosphere.  

Fort Russ is frequently featured and cited on other international websites, such as Global Research, Infowars, Information Clearing House, RT, Press TV, the Greanville Post, Geopolitka, Katehon, and many others.  Our articles are shared in high volume on Facebook, Twitter, and VK. 

We do not typically publish writers and analysts based in the West, as there are many English language alternative news sites which focus on that – such as Global Research, Russia Insider, and so on. Unfortunately submissions from writers and analysts based in Western Europe or the US will be passed.

Submission Guidelines:

Acceptable: You can send us your (or the party you represent) work in Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Macedonian, and Serbian – if it has been published elsewhere. 

Please do this in the form of the website link of the original article, so that we can see that it has been published in the original language, so that we may give proper source attribution, and so that we may take the correct photos, images, video, and other media associated with the article 

Preferred: Send us your English language translation as a Word file, of your original work, along with the website link of the original article, for the same reasons mentioned above.

Please contact Joaquin Flores at: